Temporary paper change for some notebook pages

Saturday 17th February 2024:

For the next two weeks, we've changed the paper used for some of our notebooks.

We use superfine 118gsm white stock, renowned for its subtle eggshell texture. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, our paper supply chain has experienced disruptions.

The paper shortage originated when our trusted New Zealand merchant, responsible for forecasting demand and securing supply from the paper mill, faced a shortfall in their order late last year. By early January, New Zealand’s inventory was sold out, and as of the 17th of February, we had exhausted our inventory of the stock.

While awaiting the next paper batch, expected to arrive in early March, we have opted for an alternative stock. The replacement is a good quality laid stock with a weight of 100gsm. Although slightly thinner than our standard 118gsm, it still maintains excellent quality.

Notebooks currently featuring the replacement stock are:

We appreciate your understanding during this time and assure you that we are committed to maintaining the high standards you expect from our notebooks.